How to separate PDF pages online

How to split PDF pages horizontally? To split the PDF file, we certainly know that we need to borrow a PDF editor to split the PDF file. With the ease of use of PDF files, there are still some people who think that editing PDF files is not so easy. Maybe everyone is surprised, but it is. When we are editing a PDF file, in addition to editing the contents of the PDF file, occasionally we need to edit the PDF page. What if we want to split the PDF page horizontally? How does the PDF editor split the PDF page horizontally? Let me teach you a trick.

In the file of the pdf file to be converted, the document is converted into a pdf file, and sometimes the file of the pdf file needs to be split. In the pdf file of the pdf file, it is necessary for the pdf file to be included in the pdf file.

Use PDF-WD to extract individual PDF pages into new files or delete pages from existing PDFs. Free online use.

Do you need to extract a specific page from a PDF into a brand new document? Or maybe there is a blank page to delete? Split PDFs or delete PDF pages using PDF-WD’s various tools – whether you need to modify PDF documents. Oh, if you want to know, we are also free.

How to separate PDF pages – Split tool                     

One traditional approach is to “extract” a selected page into a brand new PDF document using the PDF-WD feature. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the Split PDF tool on our website and upload your file via the drag and drop interface.

Split PDF
Split PDF

2. Decide whether you want to separate pages in your document by selecting a series of worksheets or by virtually cutting the original document into many smaller single-page files.

Split PDF

3. Click on “Split PDF!” to separate the application pages.

Split PDF

4. Remember to download your documentation. We will also modify the name slightly to save the original file and keep the sound.

Is PDF-WD free and secure?

Yes, PDF-WD is free for you to use, up to two times per hour, any of our 18 PDF tools.

When you split a document, all connections are secure to ensure the security of the PDF. Most importantly, we will also delete each document on the server after processing.

Requirements for using Smallpdf.

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You can use Smallpdf to solve the “How to separate PDF pages” issue on any operating system (including Mac, Windows and Linux). In addition, you can use any internet browser, including Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox. what!

Even on mobile devices, you can access our website directly by visiting your internet browser. If you can’t save the output file after detaching, save it directly to Dropbox or Google Drive!

The only thing you need is an internet connection.