How to convert a Word file into a PDF file? Teach you a simple move

How to convert a Word file to a PDF file? In daily work and study, you will often use PDF files, but what if you have a Word file? Below I will show you a specific way to convert a Word file to a PDF file – PDF-WD.

About PDF-WD

Software features:

1, the interface is exquisite

The software interface is well-made and at a glance, users can easily find the document conversion format.

2, speed conversion

The software uses hyper-threading technology, and the document can be quickly converted.

3, the operation is simple

The software simplifies the cumbersome conversion process and provides users with a fool-like one-click conversion mode.

4, free trial

The software provides a trial version, and users can convert small-scale documents to view conversion quality.

Software features:

1, easy to convert multiple formats

Supports any conversion of Word, PDF, Excel, e-book and other formats.

2, easy to drag batch conversion

Support drag and drop files to the work interface for easy one-click conversion.

3, accurate conversion quality assurance

The software features a fast, stable conversion core for easy conversion of complex content.

4, intelligent recognition fast conversion

Intelligently identify the document format that the user needs to convert, and support conversion of the encrypted PDF file.

Software advantages:

1, once registered for life

After the software is successfully registered, the user can use the full conversion function of the software for life.

2, the document conversion success rate is high

The document conversion does not change the original layout, and the conversion success rate is as high as 99.8%.

3, security conversion privacy protection

Green security software, document conversion full encryption, user privacy 0 violation.

Log in to our official website of PDF-WD.


Click to download, the process is as shown:


Operating procedures

1. Go to the homepage of the website through the above URL and click Convert Word to PDF in the operation page.

Word to PDF

2. Then click [Click to select file] in the operation page to add a Word file. You can see that there are requirements for the format of the uploaded file in the page, including the Word file format.

Word to PDF

3. Then see [Customize Settings] under [Click to select file] in the operation page, you can select the page number of the file, you can choose to convert one page, odd page or even page, or convert the specified page.

Word to PDF

4. After adding the Word file, it will be automatically converted to a PDF file. You can click [My Files] at the top right of the page to view and save the successfully converted file.

Word to PDF

Who uses PDF-WD?

everyone. Students, teachers, architects, corporate executives. Anyone who receives and needs to convert Word to PDF or any of the many other file types we support.

If you are new to PDF-WD, why not check out our tools on our homepage or other guides to learn how to streamline your workflow through our blog homepage?