Convert JPG to Excel

Free JPG to Excel Converter, you can convert spreadsheets from images to Excel tables for easy editing. Free to use, no registration required.

Printing an Excel spreadsheet is a very important task. However, scanning them back to a number format to edit content is a bit tricky, especially when you scan a document into JPG.

Fortunately, PDF-WD is just a tool for converting JPG to Excel. The entire process will take less than a few seconds.

Sometimes, not only the presentation of data, but also the generation of visual charts. Some people may say that we can show it through WORD or PPT. But don’t forget that the complex process of data and graphics requires software to handle, and Excel is one of the more affordable and reliable software.

Proficiency in using Excel does not simply create a variety of forms, but rather increases the efficiency of processing data and saves time spent on other tasks. At the same time, mastering the use of Excel will also make the results more accurate and will not make low-level mistakes.

1. First enter the PDF-WD home page.


2. Click to download the PDF side of PDF-WD.


3. After opening, it is such an interface.


4. First choose to convert the JPG image to a PDF file.

5. Finally, convert the PDF to an Excel spreadsheet.

PDF to Excel

OCR for scanning JPG

Our image converter can also take scanned JPG images using OCR technology. This feature ensures extraction, rebuilding all text and numbers, and placing them in a brand new Excel file. It’s not just the scan file we’re talking about; it also handles photos in JPG, which are taken with a digital camera or even your phone.

The output files will be in an editable format so you can easily edit, change, delete or manually add them using Microsoft Excel. Yes, the converter can be used free of charge to meet your JPG needs.

Convert JPG to Excel on Mac, Windows or Linux

Our website works online, which means you almost only need to go online to convert your files. As a versatile platform, the site is compatible with all standard operating systems. From image to data unit, the image quality of the output file is always the highest gap.

Modify the Excel document

There are 17 other tools to further enhance the output file. You can convert an Excel file back to JPG using the exact same process (via a converter, using PDF as a bridge).

The PDF Converter also handles other widely used documents in the workplace, including PNG, PPT and Word documents.

We can also compress, split, merge or even delete individual pages in any way you like. Remember to use the free hourly limit twice. To overcome this access restriction, be sure to check out how to get a Pro membership.

Cloud compatible

If you’re a fan of Google Drive and Dropbox, Smallpdf is fully integrated with both platforms, allowing you to seamlessly upload and store your files.

PDF-WD has a powerful Connect Workflow feature that allows you to quickly move from one feature to another without having to re-upload the document.

Free to use

Free to view, analyze and store PDF files. Similarly, our toolset is also available for free online through our website. Free usage per hour is limited, so for users who use it frequently (or if you are in a hurry), you can sign up for “Pro” and experience unlimited access to PDF-WD and get a dozen additional benefits, batch processing , increase upload speed and file size limit.

As we grow in technology and how we handle documentation, our team will work hard to develop more tools to enhance your PDF experience and streamline your digital document flow. Here are more features!

In addition, PDF is not a dead end. They are as easy to operate as sharing and storage. To further enhance your demo work experience, here are some other tips to help you work more efficiently.