Make your resume more standardized

Let me compare the advantages and disadvantages of word and pdf:



Simple, long-term universal, can be added to the annotation at any time, easy to be incorporated into the resume management system.


It is easy to have a format typographical error due to the version problem, and the displayed effect is not affected by reading.



1.PDF is a valuable tool. Whether the job seeker cares for this opportunity, whether to cherish his own professional experience, a large part will reflect the seriousness of typesetting. Some HRs will also appreciate candidates who are willing to take the time to convert the word into PDF format, because doing so will make the resume feel better.

2. PDF can support browsing on almost all platforms and has advantages in cross-platform.


1. Not easy to modify, the recruitment system has more error analysis. From the practical application point of view, for a company without a resume management system, because the HR of the specific operation process approval system needs to manually import the candidate information into the system, in this case, the PDF is inconvenient to copy and paste the characteristics. It will cause more trouble to the operator, which is the biggest reason why many HR are not willing to receive resumes in PDF format. Especially in order to protect their intellectual property rights, some students also deliberately form PDF documents in image format. Lost.

2. Some HR practitioners who are mainly engaged in personnel management in very traditional industries do not know the status of PDF, but there are such extreme situations in all walks of life.

In general, PDF is better than word. In addition to the above reasons, word is easy to be infected as an email attachment, and pdf is faster than word.

Since the resume needs to be in pdf format, then today I will teach you how to convert the word to PDF.

How to convert WORD to PDF for free?

• Go to our PDF-WD homepage.

Word to PDF

• Upload a WORD file from your computer.

Word to PDF

• Click the “Start Conversion” button.

Word to PDF

• Wait patiently for a few seconds and the conversion is complete.

• Download the PDF on the results page.

PDF-WD is an online website that uploads and processes documents on the cloud on our servers. So, as long as you have access to an internet connection, you can access our website anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, you can access word to PDF converters from any operating system (including Mac, Windows and Linux). Even on mobile devices, you can access our website through the built-in browser.

OCR scan document

If you have images in other formats, such as JPG, they are generated by scanning a physical copy of the document – anyway, pop it up in our converter. OCR technology has been enabled to ensure that Smallpdf can extract text from your images and copy them in an editable format for your convenience.

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