Convert PDF to Word for free on windows10

Quickly convert PDF files to editable Word documents on Windows 10, for free, online or offline. Conversion does not require registration.

PDF is the undisputed king of electronic files; we convert and modify millions of these files every month on our website. They are light, uneditable, and very useful for sharing and storage.

       If you do need to edit the contents of a file, you can convert it to the original format. This guide will demonstrate how to convert PDF to Word via PDF-WD(online platform and offline application). Yes, as always, free to use.

You may wish to collect this amazing free conversion tool. Then collect it. In the future of life and work, you no longer need to be irritated by the PDF file conversion format. PDF-WD has no annoying ads, watermarks. Easy to use, perfect for office travel.

1. Visit the PDF-WD homepage.

PDF to Word

2. Upload your PDF file by dragging and dropping.

3. The OCR software will be activated when a PDF is detected as a scan.

4. Wait for the conversion to complete.

5. Download an editable Word file.

PDF to Word


● Multiple document exchanges improve efficiency.

● It can help you work more efficiently, save more time and enjoy a colorful life.

● The graphic design style of the desktop and the web, the operation interface is simple and refreshing, and it can satisfy your needs at any time and make you feel convenient and comfortable.

Of course, we recommend that you download to the desktop, because it is more convenient for you to process the file.

1. Log in to the official website of PDF-WD.

2. Click to download.

3. Select the disk you want to store and click Install.


After the download is complete, the same function is required to select the PDF to Word function, upload the file – convert the file – the download file is complete.

Which route should I take?

Whether you choose to convert files online or on the PC depends entirely on your preferences and needs. Our desktop application is responsible for providing file processing. In any case, the process of converting PDf to Word for Windows 10 is relatively fast and painless, in just a few seconds.


The highest security of your files is a guarantee. From the first day, we realized the attention of ordinary users to cloud services. Therefore, PDF-WD does its best to take care of your documents; we use SSL to delete files every two hours, if you want unlimited processing and multiple pdf to word, please check our store, it will enable this feature as well Many other permissions. For complete information, please review our Terms and Privacy page.

So what about non-local files?

For desktop applications, we can only process files that are stored locally on your computer because there is no option to upload files.

Instead, with an online converter, you can import files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Docs can also be saved as PDF and converted anytime, anywhere. All we need is an internet connection.

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